Best Technical Talks Week 20

For week 20, a bit of probabilistic programming, functional programming and a question old as the world itself: how can we make software engineering a real engineering field.

Best Technical Talks Week 19

For week 19, probably one of my favorite presentation of 2017 yet “Why Software Engineers Disagree About Everything”, introduction to continuous integration, one of my favorite machine learning live demo and the academia meets the practitioners at netflix.

Best Technical Talks Week 18

For week 18, I have a pretty small selection of talks on the myth of the genius programmer, functional programming and adversarial machine learning.

Best Technical Talks Week 17

For week 17, I’m a bit late on my schedule, but I still manage to get a selection of 4 talks about CPU caching optimization, git, total functions and microservices architecture.

Best Technical Talks Week 16

For week 16, my selection includes 5 talks about rust, category theory, deep learning and formal verification and analysis of software.