Another scala option in java

Scala on valentine’s day is still awesome! I was doing some standard java development today and it remembered me a guy who use a custom implementation of scala option in java because he really missed it (I must admitted, I was in the same mood). I google it and found some interesting simple implementation. Here’s what I did on my side based on The “Option” Pattern.

OpenIndiana KVM startup script

This week, I tried the new openindiana release 151a to use kvm. There’s a good post from Gray Matter Boundaries, Installing KVM and Creating a Debian VM in OpenIndiana 151a. I installed a first vm and it works nicely! So how do I start it automatically? I’m not a sysadmin, but I create a smf and a bash script that start every *.sh in /etc/kvm. It’s simple, probably not perfect and it won’t halt your vms on reboot/halt, but it did what I needed! Maybe it will help someone else. By the way, if you find a bug or want to suggest an improvement, just email me at phil (at)!

Kaliya 0.1 release

Here is the first kaliya release! You can read the Getting Started section to get the instructions for testing it. It provides two demos: reverseIndexer and md5cracker. For the moment, it reaches the goal of the “proof-of-concept” which is what I wanted about this project. Maybe I’ll add some features in the future, but not in a near future.

Kaliya now based on mapreduce

After being a “proof-of-concept” of a hardcode md5 cracking demo, kaliya is now a distributed javascript mapreduce engine! You only have to provide an iterator, a job name who refere to a javascript file that contains the map and the reduce function. It does not support fancy things like worker fail recovery or balancing job on faster nodes, but it can do reverse indexing. More improvement will be done soon. I put at least 10 things on my todo list related to kaliya! It’s a nice toy!

Kaliya on

Kaliya is now on, but need some updates to follow the modifications on Scalator. These fixes should be done soon!