For week 19, probably one of my favorite presentation of 2017 yet “Why Software Engineers Disagree About Everything”, introduction to continuous integration, one of my favorite machine learning live demo and the academia meets the practitioners at netflix.

Why Software Engineers Disagree About Everything

Haseeb Qureshi visits a pretty weird tendency software developer have to disagree on everything, why it’s not normal and why we should try to converge on the same optimal system and technologies or at least explore the worlds of software outside of our artificial groups form around technologies and beliefs.

– Haseeb Qureshi at RailsConf 2017 (Watch)

A Return to Machine Learning

Kyle McDonald gives us a pretty neat overview of the cutting edge of machine learning (in 2016). It’s a very good intro for beginners, but also for intermediates when you get to understand what’s possible in some domains and how you can encode your data to fit some other domain algorithms. His demos are totally awesome !

– Kyle McDonald at OpenVis 2016 (Watch)

Orchestrating Chaos Applying Database Research in the Wild

Peter Alvaro explains us why gluing together multiple tested and battle tested technologies doesn’t mean you get a system without bugs, what are the challenge testing those systems and how they optmized the search space for bugs at netflix on a ~100 services system.

– Peter Alvaro at Erlang & Elixir Factory SF 2017 (Watch)

Continuous Integration - A Bittersweet Love Story

Suzie Prince shows us the benefits of CI when done right. Having a fast loop between new code and packaged software is really powerful tool and it paves the way to continuous deployment.

– Suzie Prince at DevOpsDays Seattle 2017 (Watch)

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