For week 20, a bit of probabilistic programming, functional programming and a question old as the world itself: how can we make software engineering a real engineering field.

Real Software Engineering

Glenn Vanderburg explains why software engineering doesn’t work and what does real software engineering look like. He tell us the story from the first time the term Software Engineering was used, to the waterfall model (super interesting piece of history), to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development and how it actually represents the best of engineering principles applied to the task of software development.

– Glenn Vanderburg at Lone Star Ruby Conference 2010 (Watch)

It Probably Works

Tyler McMullen shows us how they use probabilistic algorithms at Fastly to count things (HyperLogLog) and for the gossip protocol they implement as part of their cache invalidation broadcasting protocol.

– Tyler McMullen at Curry On 2015 (Watch)

Working Hard to Keep Things Lazy

Raichoo gives us a good explanation of non-strictness, laziness (non-strictness + sharing) and then goes deep into GHC to explain some interesting implementation details.

– Raichoo at Lambda World 2016 (Watch)

Philippe L'Heureux

Interested in Machine Learning, Scala, Haskell, Signal Processing and damn good music!